About us
We are a world leader in the manufacture of many mining process equipment and technology. In 2011, TDES set up a specific factory for manufacturing one of our product ranges. In less than 12 months, TDES had transferred our technology into their production specifications and together we achieved expectations both in quality and cost and commenced supplying to our customers within Oceania.

Over the last two years, TDES has achieved further very impressive progress. As a result, TDES now is our global preferred supplier, who offers us top quality products and most importantly, TDES has further improved the manufacturing practice, bringing effect development of the manufacturing technics and leaner production cost.

The company was established in China by entrepreneurs from both China and overseas. TDES started as a company involved with sourcing and procurement from China for our leading international customers. During this time, TDES has built a strong entrepreneurial culture and built experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Most importantly we have developed a management team of which more than 60% have been trained in Oceania and Europe. Our team has a very good understanding of the international manufacturing standards, and western business culture. We are able to perform very high level manufacturing in China which covers, IP protection, Technical transference, QAQC, production cost control, and global logistics etc.

From 2010, TDES China started to build dedicated factories and manufacturing facilities for our customers who are international leaders in their fields. TDES has delivered top quality products to the world, in support of our customers, helping them to maintain their world leading position in quality, technology and competitiveness.

Certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001, TDES has also adopted Lean 6S method of production. TDES firmly believes that quality in manufacture is very dependent on having the production team with a positive altitude, and that minimized cost of the production can only be achieved by exemplary management practices. The TDES production team aims to achieve and maintain a world leading position in manufacturing by constantly striving for perfection and embracing constant improvement.

"TDES" has also been registered as a trademark in China. 

(Trademark Registration Certificate)

We started working with TDES in 2009. As a global leader in highly engineered lip and GET systems, we use TDES to support our procurement from China. The critical outcomes the TDES team assist with range from IP protection, on time delivery, quality control through to cost management. TDES’s effectiveness in this key role is due to their understanding of Western Business Culture and a very positive working spirit, they see it as a ‘partnership’.

TDES set up a dedicated factory for us in 2013, which has already exceeded the agreed performance milestones for quality and safety. They have achieved world class production standards and delivered the project on time. The TDES factory now delivers a world class product that will consistently meet our global customer’s specifications for wear performance and reliability.